Thursday, September 16, 2010

A man

Traditionally as a man grows up he must assume the responsibility of watching out for himself
Recently (in terms of earth age) however we have begun to allow men to live who cannot take care of themselves or who never learn how to.

Is this a good advancement of human society or is this what is now crippling our world?

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  1. People often say that mankind has destroyed the evolution of humanity, but it is evolution itself that has brought us to this point to begin with. While I don't agree with caring for the weak in a darwinian sense, it is where evolution has taken us and it is probably for the better of our society to comply with it. It is crippling in the sense that it may be a waste of money to care for them as well as them "messing up the gene pool" if they reprocriate, I think mankind also gains even more from showing compassion.